PackEdge™ Over-Edge Pack Mat (210x152mm/8x6in)

PackEdge™ Over-Edge Pack Mat (210x152mm/8x6in)

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Keep your tamping mat from slipping and protect the edge of your counter at the same time! The supergood PackEdge™ Over-Edge Pack Mat for espresso preparation and tamping has a 90 degree corner that rests over the edge of your counter tops, protecting them from wear and tear. The PackEdge's™ raised edge helps prevent coffee grounds escaping and it's thick, food-safe rubber construction provides excellent cushioning to help protect counters, tools, wrists and elbows.

  • Length: 210mm (8in)
  • Width: 152mm (6in)
  • Height: 40mm (1.6in)
  • Food-safe rubber
  • Made in China
  1. Grip the tamper comfortably, with the handle sitting in the hollow of your palm (as you would grab a door knob) and the shaft of the tamper handle aligned as an extension of your forearm. There's no need to grip the tamper very tight. Hold it loosely and comfortably, keeping your wrist neutral.
  2. Rest the portafilter level on the PackEdge™ Over-Edge Pack Mat. Keeping the tamper level, slowly lower it onto the bed of coffee and press the tamper into the counter just until you feel the counter pressing back at you. That’s it! There’s no need for a twist of the tamper or for a second tamp. Also, don’t worry if you are pressing hard enough or not. It is better to press consistently and level than to press as hard as you can.

Pro Tip: when tamping, keep your forearm perpendicular to the table and portafilter. This puts less strain on your wrist and makes it easier to tamp level.

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