PitchPerfect™ Milk Pitcher (350ml/12oz)

PitchPerfect™ Milk Pitcher (350ml/12oz)

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With its precision aligned spout and laser welded handle, the supergood PitchPerfect™ Milk Pitcher has absolute alignment for the perfect pour. This is no off-the-shelf pitcher but designed with intention: the tip is perfect for both beginner hearts and complex competition pouring with dripping kept to an absolute minimum. The internal measurements are in both ml and oz and are positioned next to the spout  Easy for the beginner to confidently use but precise enough for professional baristas, the PitchPerfect™ available in classic stainless steel and deep-black.

  • Capacity: 350ml (12oz)
  • Diameter (top): 65mm (2.6in)
  • Diameter (bottom): 80mm (3.15in)
  • Height: 95mm (3.74in)
  • Internal measurement markings in both millilitres and fluid ounces
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Laser welded handle
  • Made in China
  1. Fill with the desired amount of chilled milk
  2. Steam milk with the steam wand in the centre of the pitcher, milk should flow up evenly on all sides
  3. Different positions of the steam wand allow for variations in the texture of your microfoam
  4. Continue steaming until the milk reaches your preferred final temperature, usually 130-150°F (55-65°C)
  5. Tap the pitcher on the counter, and then swirl the microfoam to make it even more smooth and consistent
  6. Pour and serve

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